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Safe Sedation Dentistry With Nitrous Oxide

Sedation during dental procedures can be a great way to ease anxiety & keep you from feeling discomfort. For most patients, sedation dentistry using nitrous oxide is a safe, effective method.

Why Dental Care is Important

Why Dental Care Is Important

Any dentist will tell you that dental care is important, but what we might not explain is exactly WHY dental care is important. Though you see a different doctor for your physical health than you do for your oral health, much of what your dentist does is connected to your overall health.

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It’s Possible but Rare to Have Extra Teeth

Many people are used to the idea of a tooth that feels superfluous. As we enter adulthood, our wisdom teeth come in, & a good chunk of us can’t fit them into our bite, leading to these molars being pulled. But some people experience an even greater abundance of teeth called supernumerary teeth, which are […]

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