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Care Esthetics is a range of beautification services provided under the CARE brand—the Center for Advanced Rejuvenation & Esthetics. These services are meant to help people from all walks of life care for an array of issues, from scarring to aging. The techniques used vary depending on the patient’s goals & several services involve multiple steps to get each patient looking their most youthful.

What Is Care Esthetics?

The product range is labeled as all natural regenerative science. Platelet concentrates & laser therapy are the main tools used to achieve anti-aging effects. The services are broken down into facial treatments & body treatments. They vary on the types of treatment, treatment time & effects, so be sure to talk to your dentist about which treatment is right for you.

Facial Laser Treatment

Care’s laser treatment uses Fotona lasers, non-invasive tools with special functions used in facial esthetic procedures such as lightening scars, reducing acne, tightening and volumizing the skin, and removing spider veins.

These lasers have been documented for over 50 years, so predicted results are based on a wealth of data. The lasers selectively target collagen formation & are able to target & remove unwanted skin pigmentation—such as pink scarring—as well. Depending on the patient’s goals, both superficial & deep tissue treatments are available.

Facial Rejuvenation

Care’s facial treatments include dermal fillers, platelet-rich fibrin treatment (PRF) & multiple-step Biolifts.

Dermal fillers are made up of natural materials from the patient’s own body that are placed under the skin to add definition to your facial features. In addition, Botox is an available service that can reduce wrinkles & add volume in desired areas.

PRF is a technology that uses your body’s healing proteins & concentrated growth factors to rejuvenate skin, treat hair loss & speed up recovery. A small blood sample is taken, which is then administered into the patient’s face to promote new blood flow & begin rapid collagen production.

The BioCare & Biolift treatments are multiple-step processes that include Smoothlase & Liplase laser therapy, laser peeling, PRF treatment, dermal fillers & removal of moles & age spots. This series of treatments adds to facial features such as lips while promoting skin regeneration across the entire face, leading to a smoother skin surface & smaller pores.

When to Choose Care Esthetics

Care Esthetics can help people with a variety of unwanted features, such as fine lines & wrinkles, acne & acne scars, rosacea & facial veins, sun damage & melasma formation & moles. Treatment plans are customized according to the combination of goals the patient has.

Recovery times will vary depending on the extent of the procedures undergone. An aftercare plan will be created by your dentist to ensure the most lasting results. Be sure to stay in touch with your dentist & let them know if you experience any unplanned symptoms.

These treatments are cosmetic in nature, & are not intended to be treatments for more serious skin maladies such as skin cancer or cosmetic issues that would require more invasive surgery. Your dentist will go over whether Care Esthetics is a fit for you, & set up a plan & realistic expectations after treatment.

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